Types of fake job offers, How to Identify fake Job



Dear Members,

This message is posted to create an awareness amongst jobseekers with regards to job related frauds in the market. Please keep in mind following points when  you are searching for a  job and to have a safe and fraud-free experience. In the wake of an increasing number of instances of fake job offers, we suggest you to be cautious against fraudulent emails and calls.


How can you determine if a Job Offer is Scam:


1) Asking for money (mostly refundable).

2) Asking money as Registration fee.

3) Asking for confidential information like Credit Card/Aadhar/PAN etc.

4) Badly written job description.

5) Offering easy hiring criteria and on the

spot offers.

6)Luring with salary beyond expectation.

7) Using names of known job portals to contact you. 

8) Using Bank names and mentioning some written tests are required and for that asking fees.

9) Mentioning big company names like TCS, Infosys, WIPRO etc, prepare fake JD with the company name and ask for money as security deposit.

10) Mentioning capta entry jobs and send some agreement and ask you to sign and send fake court notices to pay money towards violation in the agreement.




If you’ve received (or receive) any such fraudulent offers from any recruiter from  any source send intimation to cyber security police.  


Please do not pay money to get a job or share your credit/debit card details, bank information, CVV number or OTP with anyone.


Please do not lose your hard earned money. Good companies never ask money from jobseekers for any reasons. 


Posted in the interest of jobseekers.



Team Food Tech Professionals