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Food Technology Jobs
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Good Food Technology Candidate Requirements:

For good food technology jobs, candidate should have depth knowledge and practical skills regarding food preparation, Packaging of food products, entrepreneurship and food manufacturing, and baking industries, Beverage Industry.

Candidate should have a scientific bend of mind, power of observation & concentration, interest in scientific and technological development and an interest in health and nutrition.

Candidate should have a sense of responsibility, ability to work on their own as well as a part of a team, effective communication skills and a discerning approach to food items to successful in Food Technology Jobs.

Applicants should have an interest in science, high standards of cleanliness, commitment, enthusiasm, and motivation.

About Food Technology Course:

The course is beneficial to fulfill research, product development, process operations, quality assurance and product safety needs in the industry.

The course is also beneficial for further studies such as M.E./M.Tech, M.Phil. and Ph.D.

The course is suitable to provide professionals with knowledge of the development, preservation, processing, packaging, distribution, and usage of safe, nutritive and healthy foods.

About Food Technology Jobs:

There are many positions open to food technologists like Quality Assurance Manager, Laboratory Supervisor, Production Manager, and food packaging manager.

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B.Tech. Food Technology Employment Areas
Quality Assurance Companies
Technical Sales Outlets
Production Management Companies
Food Microbiology Centres
Process and Product Developments
Research and Developments
Food Standards Officer
B.Tech. Food Technology

Job Post for Food Technologist

Food Technologist
Food safety supervisor
Food production Executive
Production officer
Quality officer
Quality Executive
Food Scientist
Process Engineer
Food Researcher
Project Manager
Food Consultant
Research & Design Engineer Consultant or Researcher
Production Manager
Product Development Executive
Sensory Specialist
Sales Representative
Research Technician
Food-based Entrepreneur
Food Industry owner
And many more.

Industry preferred for Work

Dairy Industry
Bakery Industry
Fruit and vegetables processing industry
Beverage industry
Spices Industry
Dryfruit processing industry
Fruit juice and pulp producing Industry
Ice Cream Industry
Meat and poultry processing industry
Fish and seafood Industry
Hotel Industry
Drinking water plants
Confectionery Industry
Fast food chain
Food Export-Import
Retail food business
All kinds of food industries.

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About this course:

You can do this course after 12th.

Compalsary subject for admission are Physics Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.

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