FSSC 22000 Vol. 5.1 Training (With GMP, HACCP & ISO22000)

FSSC 22000 Vol. 5.1 Training (With GMP, HACCP & ISO22000) Food Tech Professional Advice.

FSSC 22000 Vol. 5.1 Tra ining / Food Safety System Certification 22000 Vol. 5.1

What you Learn:

1) FSSC 22000 Vol.5.1

●Components of FSSC 22000.
●What is the latest version of FSSC 22000.
●What is the standard of FSSC 22000?
●What does FSSC 22000 cover?
●What is difference between ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000?
What are the 10 clauses of ISO 22000?
●What are the clauses of ISO 22000.
●What are the additional requirements of FSSC 22000?
●What is a FSSC 22000 Inspection?

2) GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)
●What does GMP mean?
What are the 5 elements of GMP?
●What are the GMP requirements?
●What are the 10 Principles of GMP?
●What are GMP duties?
●Why is GMP so important?
●What is an example of GMP?
●What is GMP code practice?
●What are GMP documents?
WHO GMP guidelines list?

●What are the 7 steps of HACCP?
●What HACCP means?
What are the 3 stages of HACCP?
●What are the 4 types of food hazards?
●What is an example of HACCP?
●Why is HACCP important?
●Which foods are high risk?
●What are the 5 food safety hazards?
●What are the principles of HACCP?
●What is the difference between HACCP and food safety?

4) ISO 22000
●What is the meaning of ISO 22000?
●What are the ISO 22000 requirements?
●What are the four major elements of ISO 22000?
●What is difference between ●Haccp and ISO 22000?
●What does ISO stand for?
●What is ISO in simple words?
●What are the critical pillars of ISO 22000?
●What are the benefits of ISO 22000?
●Who can apply for ISO 22000?

What you Get:

✅ FSSC 22000 Vol. 5.1 Training certificate with lifetime validity
✅ Training Materials in pdf format.

Registration Details:
Mode: Online Google Meet
Date: 16th October 2022
Time: 10AM to 5PM
Day: Sunday
Fees: 1180/-

Trainer Qualifications:
PHD in Food Chemistry, Lead auditor, FSSAI Auditor, FoSTaC Trainer and many more.

FSSC 22000 Vol. 5.1 Training

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