FSSAI Licence of KFC Unit Suspended Over Use of Magnesium Silicate-Synthetic

FSSAI Licence of KFC Unit Suspended Over Use of Magnesium Silicate-Synthetic

In a significant crackdown, food safety officials have suspended the FSSAI licence of a KFC outlet in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu. This action comes after allegations surfaced regarding the use of magnesium silicate-synthetic, an illegal additive, for purifying used oil. The discovery has raised serious concerns about food safety practices and adherence to regulatory standards.

Surprise Inspection Reveals Violations

Dr. Mariappan, Food Safety Designated Officer, detailed the findings of the inspection to The New Indian Express (TNIE). “During a surprise inspection at the KFC unit located in the Velavan hypermarket, we discovered the use of magnesium silicate-synthetic, a food additive, to purify used oils. This is not permissible according to FSSAI standards. Additionally, the used oils were not destroyed, and the additive was not recorded in the ledgers,” he said.

The inspection led to the confiscation of 18 kg of magnesium silicate-synthetic and 45 liters of used oil. Officials also seized 56 kg of chicken that had been fried 12 hours earlier. Samples of the oil purified by magnesium silicate-synthetic and the chicken have been sent for laboratory analysis to determine the extent of contamination and potential health risks.

Immediate Consequences and Further Inspections

In response to these violations, the FSSAI licence of the KFC unit has been suspended until further notice. This measure aims to ensure consumer safety and maintain stringent food safety standards. Dr. Mariappan emphasized the seriousness of the offense and the need for strict compliance with food safety regulations.

In addition to the KFC inspection, food safety officials have been conducting a broader sweep of the district, inspecting various panipuri stalls following allegations of the use of artificial coloring agents. Over the past two days, three samples each of panipuri and panipuri masala have been submitted for laboratory analysis. “Further action will be taken based on the results of these analyses,” Dr. Mariappan stated.

KFC’s Response and Commitment to Food Safety

In the wake of the licence suspension, KFC issued a statement reaffirming their commitment to food safety and regulatory compliance. “KFC India is committed to following the best practices and international standards while cooking. High-quality oil and chicken are sourced from reputed suppliers in the country, and all applicable safety and quality standards laid down by the FSSAI and other relevant authorities are followed stringently,” said a spokesperson for the company.

Addressing the specific allegations, the spokesperson added, “With respect to the recent media reports, we would like to clarify that the use of magnesium silicate as a clarifying agent is approved as per FSSAI. All KFC chicken, including marinated chicken, is completely safe for consumption after cooking, as per FSSAI norms. We are actively engaging with the concerned authorities for a swift and effective resolution of the issue. We assure consumers that KFC products served across the country are of the highest quality and safe for consumption.”

Consumer Concerns and Ongoing Investigation

The suspension of the FSSAI licence has sparked a wave of concern among consumers regarding the safety of food products served at popular fast-food chains. The ongoing investigation and laboratory analysis will provide critical insights into the extent of the violations and the potential health implications.

Food safety authorities are committed to ensuring that all food establishments adhere to the highest standards of hygiene and safety. The case of the KFC unit in Thoothukudi serves as a reminder of the importance of rigorous inspections and strict enforcement of food safety regulations to protect public health.

As the investigation continues, both the food safety authorities and KFC are working towards a resolution. Consumers are advised to stay informed and vigilant about the food safety practices of the establishments they patronize.

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FSSAI Licence of KFC Unit Suspended Over Use of Magnesium Silicate-Synthetic

The suspension of the FSSAI licence of the KFC unit in Thoothukudi underscores the critical role of regulatory bodies in safeguarding public health. The swift action taken by food safety officials highlights the importance of compliance with established standards and the need for transparency in food handling practices. As the investigation progresses, it is expected that more details will emerge, providing a clearer picture of the incident and its implications for food safety in the region.