Vacancy for Maintenance PRIYAGOLD

Vacancy for Maintenance PRIYAGOLD

Position :- Maintenance Engineer Electrical Background

Surya Food & Agro Limited having headquarter at Greater Noida we need a good Maintenance Engineer
for our company who can create a system in our company and manage the plant well. This is a FMCG
Manufacturing Unit requiring Maintenance Engineer.

About Us

7-10 years’ experience in Maintenance Engineer food industry.

Desired Candidate Profile
Maintenance engineer’s work involves checking.


Repairing and servicing machinery.

Systems and infrastructures.

Maintenance engineers ensure that industrial machinery and equipment runs smoothly
and reliably.

Their work typically involves: planning and undertaking scheduled maintenance.

Job description
Roles and Responsibilities :-
Carry out repairs to all types of plant and equipment in a safe, timely and professional manner.

Assist in the development of planned preventative maintenance schedules (PPM).

Carry out PPM schedules as necessary and planned work orders as required.

Operate maintenance Fork Lift Truck and Elevated Working Platform as required.

Assist visiting specialist engineers when necessary.

Report breakdown root cause, equipment fauts and concerns to management, Group Leader and Lead

Make full use of the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

Plan/ prioritize workload to support production and ensure efficient use of working time.

Fill in job tickets / CMMS on completion of work.

Manufacture spare parts as required (Simple Bracketry Gaskets etc…) using lathes, milling machines,
welding equipment, etc.

Typical example of work would be to respond to maintenance request for equipment fault, diagnose
fault repair and return equipment to operational service. All work to be carried out operating in a safe
and efficient manner. (A process of dynamic risk assessment is operated).

ldentify spares requirements and control / log usage.

Assist with the moving, installation, repositioning of machines and equipment.


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