Job Opportunity at PepsiCo | Online QC Executive

Job Opportunity at PepsiCo | Online QC Executive

Position: Online QC Executive

Company: PepsiCo

Location: Kosi, Uttar Pradesh, India

Job Description


  • Ensure top-notch product quality and minimize customer complaints through rigorous online quality control checks and finished product inspections.
  • Implement effective quality control systems/standards for processes, physical systems, and the environment.
  • Troubleshoot during online production to minimize wastage and ensure quality.
  • Maintain GMP, GHK GLP, and conduct internal/external audits (HACCP, AIB, Personal Hygiene, Process audit).
  • Perform root cause and failure analysis for quality defects and implement corrective actions.


  • Verify the quality of potatoes issued for production against standard specifications.
  • Conduct COOK Tests, checking factors like undesirable color percentage, internal defects, and greening percentage.
  • Provide status reports to the Agro Department and determine the number of pickers required for specific lots.
  • Decide whether to accept or reject lots based on quality assessments.
  • Conduct regular Cook’s Tests for stored potatoes.
  • Perform online quality checks during the production process, ensuring adherence to FLI quality standards.
  • Conduct visual inspections for key machine operating parameters.
  • Check peelers, fryers, slicer thickness, chip conveyors, and seasoning tumbler parameters regularly.
  • Monitor and record various parameters like slice thickness, surface moisture, and seasoning levels.
  • Conduct analytical tests, including Hunter Color Test for blanching requirements.
  • Optimize fryer oil utilization through regular checks on FFA, OV, PV, foreign materials, taste, odor, and specific gravity.
  • Provide feedback to operators on corrective actions and communicate concerns to shift in-charge promptly.
  • Coordinate with the agro department to address issues with potato lots and pickers.
  • Inform Quality Manager of crisis situations indicated by test results for appropriate decision-making.


  • Tech (Food Tech) degree.
  • 3 to 5 years of experience with exposure to food safety and ISO systems.
  • Preferably knowledgeable in HACCP/AIB and TPM.

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