Job Opening for Quality Assurance Executive – Marico

Job Opening for Quality Assurance Executive – Marico

Company: Marico Limited

Location: Sanand, Gujarat, India

Job Description:

Role Overview:
As a Quality Assurance Executive for Foods at Marico Limited, you will play a crucial role in improving organizational performance and achieving sustained success by upholding rigorous quality standards. Your mission is to ensure exceptional customer satisfaction while efficiently reducing costs associated with defects.

Qualification & Experience:

  • B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering/Food Technology/Oil Technology/Bio-Chemical Engineering
  • A minimum of 2-7 years of prior experience
  • Preferably experienced in the FMCG industry

Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead PQA-related processes across plant and subcontract locations
  • Drive Q-certification initiatives at plant and subcontract locations, focusing on quality system documentation, enhancing team comprehension, and executing comprehensive audits.
  • Establish consistency in the quality of supplies from RM & PM Vendors by closely monitoring their performance and system integration.
  • Ensure the implementation of Marico’s Quality Management System in accordance with CQA guidelines across Marico and subcontract locations, employing Process Maps, Internal SOPs, and Format Standardization.

Quality Assurance & Audits:

  • Conduct Internal Quality Audits at Marico and subcontract locations, as well as CVMS Audits at Vendor Locations, encompassing report preparation, scoring, and regular reviews.
  • Oversee New Product Development prototypes, launches, and stabilization.
  • Assume responsibility for Marico Manufacturing Excellence Model/NABL & Lab standardization audit programs both in-house and at vendor locations.
  • Facilitate seamless implementation of QMS and 3M modules within SAP.

Team & Compliance:

  • Collaboratively select suitable personnel for roles within the PQA team and mentor team members for greater responsibilities.
  • Ensure strict adherence to Legal Norms related to Statutory Bodies (FDA & Ayurvedic).
  • Establish and manage systems for legal compliance (AGMARK/PFA/MPCB/SWAM) and ensure compliance with MPCB and PFA regulations.
  • Drive the implementation of TPM, 5S, and Lab Standardization at Plant and Subcontract units.

Skills & Competencies:

  • Proficient communication skills in English and Hindi
  • Computer Literacy
  • Effective interpersonal skills
  • Fundamental knowledge of TPM, 5S, and Six Sigma principles

Reporting & Interfaces:

  • Reporting to: Manager QA
  • Overseeing: Sr. Officer QA, Officer QA


  • Internal Interfaces: Collaboration with all Departments, Corporate QA, Legal
  • External Interfaces: Engagement with Government officials, Legal advisors, Vendors

If you are enthusiastic about elevating quality standards, driving excellence, and contributing to our success, we encourage you to share your resume with us at the provided email address. We look forward to welcoming you to the Marico Limited team!

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