Vacancy for Quality Control Department | Ferrero | Baramati


Job Location: Baramati

Details :
The position guarantees that the production
units operate in compliance with the product
standards defined by FQD (then DQG) and
guarantees that self-auditing works aldequately.

Main Responsibilities :

Apply the Unequivocal Product
Specifications on the lines he/she is
responsible for up until the ripening
warehoUse using the company IT system

Inform and train the self-audit personnel;
provide these people with all the
necessary tools and instruments in
accordance with GMP.

Periodically check that the self-audit
audit system, HACCP are efficient & effective.

Perform Military Standards as requested
by FOD (then DQG)

Perform the sensory tests outlined in the
specifications on all stages of production

Manage blocks for quality reasons and

Participate in product audits and
scheduled internal/external audits &
contribute to writing action plans

Perform Miliary Standards as requested
by FQD (then DQG)

Inform and train the self-audit personnel
provide these people with all the
necessary tools and instruments in
accordance with GMP

Qualification :
Bachelors/Master’s Degree in food technology

Experience : 3 years’ experience in similar
The person needs to have basic knowledge of the Quality Management
Systems (QMS & FSMS) and

The knowledge about organoleptic
evaluation (Sensory analysis) can be beneficial

Experience gained in FMCG company only

Fluency in English

Job Referral Code: C

How to be successful in the role and at Ferrero:

Consumers, quality and care are at the heart of everything we do.

So, to be successful at
Ferrero, you’ll need to be just as consumer and product centric as we are dedicated
to crafting briliant results for consumers around the world.

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