Vacancy for Production Manager | Patil kaki

Vacancy for Production Manager | Patil kaki

Role: Production Manager( Full time)

Industry: FMCG

Work Location: Taloja, Navi Mumbai

Minimum work experience :1.5+years

Annual CTC:2.5-4.8( LPA)

Roles and responsibilities:-
Planning and scheduling: You would be responsible
for developing production plans and schedules, taking
into account factors such as product demand,
available resources, and production capacity.

Production efficiency: Your role would involve
continuously improving production processes to
maximize efficiency and minimize waste. This could
include implementing lean manufacturing techniques,
optimizing equipment utilization, and identifying and resolving bottlenecks or inefficiencies in the
production line.

Quality control: Ensuring product quality is crucial in
the FMCG industry. You would be responsible for
implementing and maintaining quality control
procedures, monitoring production lines for quality
issues, and working closely with the quality assurance
team to resolve any quality-related concerns.

Cost control: Managing production costs is essential
to maintain profitability. You would need to develop and monitor budgets, analyze production costs, and identify areas for cost optimization. This may involve negotiating with suppliers, implementing cost-saving initiatives, and monitoring production expenses.

Team management: As a production manager, you
would lead a team of supervisors, technicians, and
production workers. Your responsibilities would
include hiring and training staff, setting performance
goals, conducting performance evaluations, and fostering a positive work environment. Effective communication and leadership skills are essential to motivate and coordinate the production team.

Health and safety: Ensuring a safe working
environment is a critical responsibility. You would
need to implement and enforce safety protocols,
promote a culture of safety awareness, conduct
regular safety audits, and investigate and address any
accidents or incidents promptly.

Continuous improvement: Striving for continuous
improvement is vital in the FMCG industry. You would
be expected to identify opportunities for process
optimization, innovation, and technology
implementation to enhance production efficiency,
product quality, and overall performance.

Stakeholder coordination: Collaboration with other
departments, such as procurement, sales, marketing,
and logistics, is essential. You would need to
coordinate with these departments to ensure smooth production planning, timely delivery of raw materials,
and effective distribution of finished goods.

Compliance: Adhering to regulatory and legal
requirements is crucial in the FMCG industry. You
would need to stay updated on relevant regulations
and ensure compliance with health and safety
standards, environmental regulations, and labor laws.


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