New Opening for Quality Control Coordinator

New Opening for Quality Control Coordinator

Position: Quality Control Coordinator

Company: PepsiCo

Location: Kosi, Uttar Pradesh, India

Job Description


As a Quality Control Coordinator at PepsiCo’s Kosi facility in Uttar Pradesh, India, you will play a vital role in ensuring the highest standards of product quality and safety.

Your responsibilities include:

  1. Launching and maintaining the quality culture in our greenfield plant, ensuring the right quality products.
  2. Stabilizing shift quality operations in the new plant, meeting key performance indicators (KPIs) such as minimizing work-in-progress, leakages, and customer complaints.
  3. Implementing stringent online quality control checks and finished product inspections to minimize customer complaints.
  4. Implementing and maintaining quality control systems and standards for processes, physical systems, and the environment.
  5. Troubleshooting during production to minimize wastage and maintain quality.
  6. Ensuring compliance with GMP, GHK, GLP, and internal/external audits (HACCP, AIB, Personal Hygiene, Process audit).
  7. Training and developing the quality checkers team.
  8. Ensuring the quality of potatoes used in production meets standard specifications.
  9. Conducting COOK tests to check factors like color, defects, greening percentage, etc.
  10. Providing status reports to the Agro Department and indicating picker requirements.
  11. Making decisions to accept or reject potato lots.
  12. Conducting regular Cook’s Tests for stored potatoes.
  13. Performing online quality checks during production shifts, ensuring compliance with PepsiCo quality standards.
  14. Conducting visual inspections and ensuring machine parameters are within specified ranges.
  15. Monitoring fryer oil quality and making decisions on its use.
  16. Conducting various checks on fried chips to maintain product quality.
  17. Measuring parameters like bulk density, moisture, and seasoning.
  18. Ensuring corrective actions are taken for quality issues.
  19. Communicating picker requirements promptly.
  20. Conducting online quality checks in the packaging area.
  21. Ensuring Quality Checkers perform regular checks for air leakage and weight.
  22. Conducting analytical tests, including oxygen percentage in bags.
  23. Addressing quality concerns promptly and involving relevant personnel.
  24. Monitoring machines’ impact on quality and minimizing waste.
  25. Maintaining accurate reports and records for communication.
  26. Conducting quality wall meetings and coordinating action plans.
  27. Ensuring adherence to safety and hygiene practices through regular audits.
  28. Handling hold material efficiently to minimize wastages.
  29. Submitting weekly and monthly reports to the quality manager.
  30. Ensuring compliance with statutory laws and raising awareness.
  31. Resolving customer complaints effectively.
  32. Assisting in root cause analysis and implementing action plans.
  33. Participating in Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) activities.
  34. Promoting a work culture that emphasizes company growth.
  35. Providing feedback to the quality manager and driving change initiatives for continuous improvement.


Key Skills/Experience Required:

Bachelor’s degree in Food Technology (B.Tech Food Tech).

3 to 5 years of experience with exposure to food safety systems and ISO systems.

Preferably, knowledge of FSSAI, HACCP, AIB, and TPM.

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