Job Opening in Coca-Cola Pune Maharashtra

Job Opening in Coca-Cola Pune Maharashtra

Position :- Formula & Regulatory Specialist

Company :- The Coca-Cola Company

Location :- Pune, Maharashtra, India

Job Description :-
Job Title: Formula and Regulatory specialist

Reports to: QSE Manager

Manager Name: QSE Manager

Division: Commercial Products Supply (CPS) India

Job Summary :-
Key roles and responsibilities of this position

This position is a key role in the QSE team in the Plant and is the final custodian of the correctness of the Bill of
Materials (BOM) & master data setup which will define the product made by the Plant is in accordance to the approved formula issued by Corporate through the Country of Sales Document (COSD).

The Position Will Need To Setup
The key focus of this role is to setup, review and cross validate BOM setup & master data in situation such as but not limited to new product launches /revised country of sale /reformulations / test packs / amendment to formula / changes to pack configuration/Bill of Material updates / textual changes on labels / discontinuation, supply point shifts / outside supply business and business continuity programs.

The job requires accuracy, discipline, consistency, and pro-activity in all duties to deliver on time.

Technical Knowledge – Good knowledge of central and local Govt. regulatory requirement related to food Safety, import and export related to food regulation.

Knowledge of various labelling requirements of food items. GHS, GLS, Allergen, GMO, PICASSO,KORE, GMP,

Knowledge of food ingredients, packaging, Data analysis and reporting.

Various standards like BIS, JECFA, Pharmacopeia, HALAL, KOSHER, etc requirements.

Analytical Ability – Support in decision making by providing accurate data. about Trends, Internal auditing.

Interpersonal relationships – Networking and Wworking with others. Shows respect, trust and good team member.

Communication :-

Planning and Organization – Set priorities and organized for meeting timelines

Influencing – Accepts other views and implement required solution yet in agreement of others.
Takes the view of others.

Ability to apply technical knowledge and establish credibility with highly technical audiences in order to build relationships

Ability to recognize and protect proprietary information as it relates to formulas and ingredients

Attention to detail and focused work with full concentration to avoid any error / mistake in MDM/BOM/ Recipe

Decision making ability and effective communication, Collaborate and contribute to the success of the team, tolerance to stress, manage workload, take risks, and develop positive work relationships with external areas.

Analysis Requirements :-
Able to translate regulatory requirements into practical plan Able to benchmark with others operation and implement those best practices and error proofing Recommend solution or improvements to fix or prevent the problems from happening again Work requires the ability to analyze conceptual information Work involves the handling of complex organizational tasks.

action based on a high level of knowledge in a specific functional area.

Work needs to seek for develop several ways to approach to a problem situation that is highly dependent on local circumstances and type /category of product Works requires to be creative to propose formula design changes based on experience and system knowledge, benchmark with other operations is also a source ource of ideas

Educational Requirements :-
Science or Engineering Graduate plus Diploma or Degree in Industrial Safety or Environment Technology and/or a Certified Safety Oficer.

Cultural Diversity :-
Able to interact in English, Marathi and Hindi, internally and externally:

Trains and leads CPS team to support and achieve on time MDM / Regulatory initiatives External

Able to deal with OU-SRA, OU-Legal and regulatory authorities for compliance licenses

Able to work with other plants or professional bodies to comply regulations . Meet MDM timelines

Judgment And Decision Making :-
Typically need to comply with requirements with freedom to decide on, how to accomplish assignments.

Results are achieved through the Influence on stakeholders.

Knowledge and experience are key elements for independent action and to facilitate processes.

Internal and/or external collaboration adds significant benefits to the Company through Value creation initiatives and to find solutions for regulatory issues

Although final decisions may be taken by local management, a recommendation made by Formulas and Regulation specialist can lead to ingredients rejection or delay in New product Introduction.

The rejection / delay may impact CPS supply chain customers and may trigger further actions within the system, including food safety awareness.

Working Conditions :-
Normal manufacturing plant/office working conditions
apply. Highly unlikely, it is possible that, this position is
subject to hazards and risks of a food manufacturing
plant such as noise, heat stress and hazardous chemical/ ingredient.

Travel Requirements :-
This position will be primarily based at Pune, India with
minimum travelling (maximum 5% of work time under
normal conditions). Trips include occasional visits or
training at other concentrate plants, bottling operations
and training centers.

Skills :-
Leadership; Influencing; Product Launches; Bill of
Materials (BOM); Environmental Science; Technical Knowledge; Analytical Thinking, Prioritization; Exports;
Communication; Root Cause Analyses; Food Regulations;
Importing; Compliance; Food Safety and Sanitation;
Environmental Compliance; Green Solutions; New Product Introduction (NP); Food Manufacturing; External Collaboration; Data Collections; Continuous Improvement (CI)

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