Internship Data Science Opportunity to work in Food product development

About the company for Internship Data Science

We are an Integrated Value Chain producer of Stevia Extracts on an Industrial Scale. The journey of best quality Stevia Extracts starts from the best quality Stevia leaf that is cultivated by us in collaboration with smallholder farmers in the foothills and foot plains of Himalayas. This leaf from our own proprietary variety is then processed by us using an Organic extraction process and refined further. This control on the entire value chain from Cultivation to Extraction, Refining, Formulations & Application Development enables us to deliver high-quality Stevia Extracts on Scale at a reasonable cost without any issues like Bitterness or Aftertaste. Our approach to Stevia is rooted in combining cutting edge science with best quality supply chain of Stevia leaf. Our Stevia blends are consistently rated very highly in Consumer Panels & Double Blind taste tests and on par with other sweeteners that you might be using (including Sugar)

Internship details
Opportunity to work in the Innovation & product development team at Arboreal Bioinnovations, Chennai. The intern will work with the research and development of new products utilising natural sweetener – stevia .

Duration : 3 months
Candidates preferably from Chennai
Stipend will be paid
To Apply
Send CV and cover letter explaining your background, experience and why you are interested in this internship position to

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