How an Award-Winning Chef Uses Rice to Make the World a Better Place


After Chef JJ Johnson realized rice could be found at the center of tables in almost every community and culture, he was inspired to create his quick-casual restaurant Fieldtrip. With the mantra “Rice is Culture,” Fieldtrip seeks to encourage customers to celebrate culture through the shared experience of rice.

“At Fieldtrip, we believe rice is culture because it is found at the center of tables all over the world. Rice has the power to connect people through shared experience. Each of our rice bowls take you on an international field trip!” said Johnson.

Opening his first location in 2019, the award winning chef, founder, TV personality and author added a second location at Rockefeller Center in 2021.

“I created Fieldtrip to refresh the way Americans see rice. At Fieldtrip, we don’t serve the bleached white minute rice you may remember from childhood. We serve freshly milled heirloom rice grains straight from the rice fields,” said Johnson.

Johnson became immediately taken with the Cambro GoBoxes® as a more sustainable and food safe way to deliver their large catering orders.

“Before we started with the Cambro Goboxes, we were using cardboard boxes left over from our fresh produce deliveries. We are all about sustainability at Fieldtrip, so we like to reuse things where we can. Unfortunately, cardboard boxes break down pretty quickly,” said Johnson. “Each GoBox holds about 28 of our rice bowls, and makes it easy to transport, unpack and reuse.”

One common challenge among restaurants that offer delivery and catering is providing the same food quality and temperature as customers would receive in the restaurant.

“We love how insulated [the GoBoxes] are! We always want people to have the best experience with our food even when they are not eating in the restaurant. With the help of the GoBoxes, everything stays warm for a long time,” said Johnson.

Inside their restaurants, Fieldtrip serves up their delicious bowls on top of Camtrays.

“Cambro is a great producer of effective products that help me execute service at a high level,” said Johnson.

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