Cambro Manufacturing unveils new tagline: Trusted Durability



For more than 70 years, Cambro Manufacturing has been a trusted name in the foodservice industry. We’re so confident in that statement that “Trusted for Generations” has been our tagline for much of our time in business. As we have evolved, we have noticed that our customers always seems to have the same reason why they trust us.

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They trust Cambro because they know our products will last service after service, event after event and school year after school year. We love seeing Camtrays® with manufacturing dates in the 90s and 20 year old insulated transport units that are still working as well as the day they were purchased.


It’s for that reason that we wanted to update our tagline to “Trusted Durability.” We believe it truly encapsulates what each Cambro product does for the schools, healthcare facilities, hotels, restaurants, catering businesses and more that use them.



“Cambro products are specifically designed with durability in mind because that’s what the foodservice industry demands. We believe our durable products are the reason Cambro has been trusted for more than 70 years. “

Argyle Campbell, CEO and President

What Our Customers Say

“I’ve had some CamSquares here that have been here almost as long as me. They’re very durable,” said Chef Keith Bisciotti at The Pantry.
“It’s very durable and I can’t imagine it ever breaking down,” said Becky Foster, Director of Nutrition Services at Foursquare Healthcare, about our Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack.
“I’ve been doing this for 35 years and I’ve never had the luxury of having something like that where you could actually take it apart, clean it, and not have to worry about breaking, cracking or anything like that,” said Angelo Vecchi, Kitchen Manager at Wamesit Lanes, about our Camshelving®.


Trusted Durability is something you can always expect when you choose Cambro.

The Cambro logo with the Trusted Durability tagline can be downloaded from this link.


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