Vacancy for Production Executive | Roha (Maharashtra)

Vacancy for Production Executive | Roha (Maharashtra)

Production Executive – Naturex Division at Givaudan

Location: Roha, Maharashtra, India

Job Description:

Are you passionate about contributing to a world that celebrates the beauty of human experiences? Givaudan invites you to join a community dedicated to creating products that enhance lives through a profound love for nature. As a Production Executive in our Naturex division, your role will be pivotal in overseeing and managing all production activities at our Roha-based plant.


  • Implement production planning as directed by the Production Manager.
  • Ensure adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with a special focus on Critical Control Points (CCPs) and Control Points.
  • Train shopfloor staff on machine handling, personal hygiene practices, cleaning procedures, and documentation protocols.
  • Identify and address equipment and machinery-related issues in collaboration with the maintenance team.
  • Maintain comprehensive documentation of all production activities according to the set protocols.
  • Adhere strictly to company SOPs and policies, including working in shifts as necessary.
  • Uphold food safety standards (HACCP, GMP) and ensure human safety during shifts.
  • Effectively manage and allocate manpower based on planning and operational requirements.
  • Monitor and evaluate the shopfloor team’s performance during work and provide necessary guidance.
  • Handle daily ERP-related tasks and strive to achieve production targets with the right quality and efficiency.

Desired Profile:

  • Bachelor’s degree (Tech) in Food Technology/Dairy
  • Strong communication skills and proficiency in the local language
  • 5-6 years of relevant experience
  • Proficiency in ERP systems, computer operations, and data entry

At Givaudan, your role will contribute to creating delightful taste and scent experiences that positively impact people’s lives. You’ll be part of an inspiring collaborative culture, where your contributions, diversity, and passion will enrich the world. Givaudan values diversity and is committed to fostering innovation and stronger connections with employees, customers, and partners.

Join us in shaping a world where your creativity, dedication, and collaboration make a significant difference. Be part of Givaudan, where every essence of you enriches our world. Human by nature.

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