Vacancy for Food Technologist | Varun Beverages

Vacancy for Food Technologist | Varun Beverages

Job Opportunity at Varun Beverages (PepsiCo) for Food Technologist and Production Executive roles in Mahul, Mumbai.

Company: Varun Beverages (PepsiCo)

Location: Mahul, Mumbai

Seeking qualified individuals:

  1. Quality Executive (BSc/B.Tech in Food Technology, full-time)
    Experience: 2-4 years
  2. Production Executive (BE/B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, full-time)
    Experience: 3-5 years

Candidates with relevant industry experience in beverages are preferred for these urgent positions. Competitive salary offered based on industry standards.

To apply, please send your resume to or

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About us

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Company Overview

  • Company Name: Varun Beverages Limited (VBL)
  • Industry Role: Key player in the beverage industry, one of the largest PepsiCo franchisees globally (excluding the USA).

Business Operations

  • Association with PepsiCo: Linked with PepsiCo since the 1990s, expanding territories, introducing diverse beverages, and enlarging the distribution network.
  • Product Range: Manufactures, distributes, and sells carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) and non-carbonated beverages (NCBs), including packaged drinking water under PepsiCo trademarks.
  • Brands: Produces and sells a variety of PepsiCo CSD and NCB brands in multiple countries.

Market Presence

  • Geographical Reach: Holds PepsiCo franchise rights in 27 Indian states, 7 Union Territories, and other international territories like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.
  • Revenue: Majorly derives revenue from operations in India, contributing approximately 80% of total revenue in Fiscal 2022.

Group Affiliation

  • RJ Corp Group: Part of a diversified conglomerate with interests in beverages, quick-service restaurants, ice-creams, and healthcare.
  • Promoter: Mr. Ravi Jaipuria, an esteemed entrepreneur and business leader, received notable awards in the industry.