Senior Analyst (Instrumentation)

Senior Analyst (Instrumentation)

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LCMS/MS – Instrument Section

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We are seeking an Immediate Joiner for the position of Senior Analyst (Instrumentation).

Position Details:

  • Experience: 1+ years
  • Qualifications: MSc, BSc, MTech, etc.
  • Location: New Delhi

Key Requirements:

  • Knowledge of LC-MS/MS
  • Experience in:
  • Pesticide Residues Testing
  • Antibiotics Testing
  • Food & Water Testing


  • Conduct and oversee routine testing and analysis using LC-MS/MS.
  • Ensure accurate and precise data collection and interpretation.
  • Maintain and troubleshoot laboratory instrumentation.
  • Develop and validate new testing methods as required.
  • Comply with ISO n025:2017 standards and guidelines.
  • Prepare detailed reports and documentation for all testing activities.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure high-quality results.

Additional Skills:

  • ISO n025:2017
  • Method Validation/Verification

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