Production Officer job in Britannia India

Production Officer job in Britannia India

Position :- Production Officer

Company :- Britannia Industries Limited

Location :- Nawabganj, Uttar Pradesh, India

Job Description :-
Position Title: Production Officer for Britannia

Function: Production
Key Stakeholders


External: Sales

Educational Qualification: Engineer graduate/ Food
Technologist/ Msc Food Science / Msc. Chemistry
Desired Competencies: Knowledge on Biscuit
Manufacturing process, basic computer knowledge, Man Management skill.

Key Responsibilities
To deploy right manpower at right place to get the
maximum efficiency and output and their enrolment in
the payroll for incentives.

Verification of all the standard procedure for
controlling wt/guage,size,colour and appearance of product

Setting the process parameters as per variety, arrange the materials and preparatory items
To collect and record the different data required for
TQM. Prepare control chart and control the process.

To get the maximum output by controlling change over
time,mfg defectives and production down time below
the budgeted level

Continuous tracking of all the raw material variances

Physical verification of CCPS like SIEVE,METAL
DETECTOR and WEBS up keeping the documents as
per requirement by ISO, HAACP AND FCC format

Recipe check as per STD parameters of variety and
preparatory items.

Proper setting of variables like AMMONIA,S.M.B.S and
WATER and OVEN PROFILE to get the desired product
meeting the all quality STDS.

By using materials as per MFG DATE and LOT NO.

Maintaining the biscuit grinder room by making dust
available and its traceability record updation.

To do more focus on ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS, take

To reduce all the wastages produce by different
mechanical breakdown.

To check all the areas are hygienically good.

All types of Audits i.e AIB, ISO, Legal, FSSAI etc

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