New Opening for Lab Chemist at Jayshri Gayatri Food

New Opening for Lab Chemist at Jayshri Gayatri Food

Company: Jayshri Gayatri Food Products Pvt Ltd.

Position: Lab Chemist

Experience: 2-10 years in the Dairy Industry

Location: Sehore, Madhya Pradesh


  • Collection and analysis of dairy product samples
  • Performance of chemical and microbiological tests
  • Operation and maintenance of lab equipment, ensuring calibration
  • Accurate recording and reporting of test results
  • Monitoring product quality and ensuring compliance
  • Collaboration with production and quality teams


  • Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or related field
  • Preference for experience in the Dairy industry lab
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Effective communication and teamwork abilities
  • Knowledge of industry standards and regulations

Join us to contribute to maintaining the quality and safety of dairy products in a dynamic lab environment!

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About us

Established in 2013, Jayshri Gayatri Food Products Pvt. Ltd. and Aasma Foods & Beverages Pvt. Ltd adhere to a value-based approach focused on “HONESTY IN VISION & PURITY IN PRODUCTS”. Since our inception, all our products and initiatives have stemmed from this core vision.

Milk Magic stands as a premier dairy brand in central and eastern India, embodying the essence of this vision in all its endeavors. While the enchantment of milk is widely known, preserving the sanctity and goodness of milk products remains an achievement exclusive to a select few. Our assortment offers a delightful range of delicious dairy products for your enjoyment.

Milk Magic epitomizes the allure of exceptionally hygienic and fortified packaged milk products, encapsulating the simple joys of healthy living in modern, user-friendly packaging. Our assortment of rich, creamy dairy delights is both invigorating and nutritious, emphasizing our unwavering commitment to superior quality and freshness.

Our approach is straightforward: to deliver the best across all aspects and ensure quality at an affordable price. Upholding stringent quality standards, our state-of-the-art production facility utilizes cutting-edge technology to maintain the utmost quality and freshness of our entire product range. It’s a dust and damp proof environment, produced with minimal human contact, ensuring impeccable hygiene.

Today, we proudly stand as a progressive and dynamic Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of Dairy Products, serving not only our own country but also expanding our presence to over 20 countries through a combination of local operations, export business, and now venturing into the retail segment.

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