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Manuals of methods of analysis of various Food food products

Manuals of methods of analysis of various food products

  1. Manual on Milk and Milk Products-
  2. Manual on Oils and Fats
  3. Manual on Fruits and Vegetable Products-
  4. Manual on Cereal and Cereal Products-
  5. Manual on Food Additives-
  6. Manual on Mycotoxins
  7. Manual on Spices and Condiments-
  8. Manual on Metals-
  9. Manually on General Guidelines on Sampling-
  10. Manual on Methods of Testing of Alcoholic Drinks-
  11. Manual on Beverages, Sugar, Sugar Products and Confectionery-
  12. Manual on Meat & Meat Products, and Fish & Fish Products-
  13. Manual on Water Analysis

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