Job Opportunities at Janta Dairy Farms

Job Opportunities at Janta Dairy Farms

  1. Maintenance Engineer
  • Vacancy: 01
  • Qualification: Graduate or Diploma in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering.
  • Core Experience: 5-6 years of experience as a maintenance engineer, proficient in handling all utilities and department repairs and renewals independently.
  1. Instrumental Engineer
  • Vacancy: 01
  • Qualification: Graduate/Diploma in Instrumental/Electrical Engineering.
  • Core Experience: 3-4 years of experience as an instrumental/electrical engineer, adept at maintaining PLC-based panels and instruments.
  1. Technical Officer
  • Vacancy: 02
  • Qualification: Graduate in Dairy Technology/Food Technology from a reputed college.
  • Core Experience: 3-4 years as a technical officer in a medium-large scale dairy plant, proficient in handling and operating all milk and milk product processing machinery.
  1. Plant Operator
  • Vacancy: 02
  • Qualification: I.T.I.
  • Core Experience: 3-4 years of practical experience as an independent plant operator in small or large scale dairy plants. Proficient in operating pasteurization, homogenization, cream separator, clarifier, CIP, pouching, and all types of milk product manufacturing machinery.

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