FSSAI lnstant Renewal of License/ Registration

FSSAI lnstant Renewal of License/ Registration

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lnstant Renewal of License/ Registration-reg.

FSSAI Licenses and Registrations were granted for 1-5 years based on the selection and payment made by the Food Business Operators (FBOs) in the application, as prescribed under the
FSS (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) Regulations, 2011.

Thereafter, FBOs were required to renew their License/ Registration by submitting the application, along with necessarydocuments as per the FSSAI order dated 19th March 2021, which was then required to be scrutinized by the concerned Licensing and Registering Authority for granting renewed License/Registration.

This scrutiny required additional time and effort, which was increasing with time as
the number of licensed/ registered FBOs in their jurisdiction is increasing.

In view of the above and to further streamline the process of licensing/ registration and its renewal, Food Authority has decided the following:
a. Henceforth, all the renewal of license/ registration upon submission of the application by the FBO will be granted instantly, without requiring the scrutiny/approval of the concerned authority, subject to the following conditions:

i. No change in the existing details of the license/registration shall be allowed
iiValidity of the Renewal:
βœ“ For License: This renewal of the license shall be for 1 year only
βœ“For Registration: Renewal shall continue as per existing provision ie. for 1-5
years, based on the selection and payment made by the FBO in the application.

iii. FBOs whose licenses/ registrations have been suspended/canceled, shall not be
allowed to renew their license/registration.

iv. Further, w.e.f 10th November 2022, the FoSCoS system ensures that FBO
(Manufacturers and Importers) shall file annual returns with penalties (if any), before renewal, for FY 2021-22 onwards.

V. A declaration to be submitted by Food Business Operator (tick in the checkbox) has been added in FoSCoS as follows:
β€’ I/We have complied with all the permissions/rules, which are applicable to my food business and the premises of the food business such as CGWA NOC etc.
β€’ I/We do not possess more than one active license/ registration for any other
food business(es) at the same premises.

b. Validity of the New License and Registration:

i. For License: The validity of the new license is now restricted to only 1 year instead of the existing provision i.e. “Clause 2.1.7 of the FSS (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) Regulation, states that Registration or license granted shall be valid for a period of 1-5 years, as chosen by FBO, from the date of issue of the registration/license”.

For Registration: validity will be continued as per existing provision i.e. for 1-5 years,
based on the selection and payment made by the FBO
c. Now as the grant of renewal of license and registration is instant and without the scrutiny of licensing and registration authority, there shall be no late fee of Rs. 100 per day levied earlier applicable in case of license as per Clause 2.1.7 of the FSS (Licensing an

Registration of Food Businesses)
Regulation] if the renewal application for the license
fled in the last 30 days prior to expiry. However, the penalties levied for applying renewal of expired license/registration upto 180 days after the date of expiry shall continue.

(FSSAI order number 15(31)2020/ FoSCoS/RCD/FSSAlpt.4 dated 29th October 2021).

FSSAI lnstant Renewal of License/ Registration

As the window for renewal of license and registration is available as early as 180 days prior to expiry date, FBOS are advised to apply for renewals as early as possible without waiting for the expiry date to avoid last minute rush and to avoid the eventual penalty (due to expiry) in case of unavoidable online/portal related gliches on the day of expiry.

Declaration regarding the FSMS plan has also been automated in FoSCoS and now FBOS are required to self-declare the compliance regarding the points in the inspection checklist at the time
of the renewal.

This order shal be applicable on the apliations submitted on or after 12/01/2023.

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