Vacancy in New Raj Dairy | Executive

Vacancy in New Raj Dairy | Executive

Position :- Executive Bakery chef

Company :- New Raj Dairy

Location :- Delhi, India

We are currently seeking an experienced Bakery Chef to
join our team and lead our bakery operations.

As a Bakery
Chef, you will be responsible for producing high-quality
baked goods and ensuring the smooth functioning of our bakery.

The ideal candidate should have a proven track
record of delivering 5-star quality products and the ability to handle turnkey projects efficiently.

Baked Goods Production: Plan, prepare, and produce a
wide range of bakery products, including bread,
pastries, cakes, cookies, and more, while adhering to
the highest standards of taste, appearance, and quality.

Menu Development: Collaborate with the culinary team
to develop innovative and appealing bakery offerings
that cater to various tastes and preferences.

Quality Assurance: Implement and maintain strict
quality control measures to ensure all products meet
5-star standards consistently.

Turnkey Project Management: Lead the bakery
department in handling turnkey projects, such as
large-scale events, catering orders, and special
occasions, while meeting tight deadlines and
maintaining quality.

Team Supervision: Oversee and motivate a team of
bakers and assistants, providing guidance, training,
and feedback to maintain a high level of productivity
and performance.

Inventory Management: Monitor bakery inventory and
ingredients, ensuring stock levels are maintained, and
coordinating with the procurement team for timely

Hygiene and Safety: Adhere to all food safety and
sanitation standards, maintaining a clean and
organized workspace, and enforcing proper hygiene
practices among staff.

Cost Control: Work with the management team to
optimize costs without compromising on quality,
maximizing profitability in the bakery department.

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