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Vacancy for Supervisor | Hygiene & Food Quality

Position : Supervisor for Hygiene & Food Quality

attractive salary and benefits.
Job Role, Duties and Responsivities

Duties and responsibilities :
Implement H&Q regulatory and legal compliance
requirements (e.g. ADFCA, ADM, etc)

Implement & maintain regulatory and professional
memberships and registrations

Implement & maintain legislative NOCs and permits
related to H&Q (e.g. from EAD, ADM, etc)

Maintain H&Q legal register

Maintain H&Q management system deliverables, process and operational controls

Implement the H&Q Risk Management Process;

Implement H&Q training& competencies requirements (in-house and/or 3rd party);

Implement H&Q inspections and compliance
monitoring programmes

Assist H&Q audits, certifications and accreditation programmes (internal, external, 3rd party);

Implement H&Q meetings inputs and outputs (with internal, external or 3rd party participation):

Maintain H&Q communication & consultation (internal & external);

Implement H&Q incidents investigations, root cause
analysis, corrective actions and lessons learnt;

Maintain H&Q disciplinary actions procedures&HSE
incentives schemes;

Implement and maintain emergency preparedness & response programmes;

Maintain liaison with local authorities on relevant
trainings& drills (e.g. EFST)

Initiate and maintain equipment calibration, testing and verification (internal and external/3rd party):

Support in public health programmes (e.g. waste
management, pest control, sanitization etc)

Support the QHSES selection & control of subcontractors/suppliers/vendors;

Implement QHSES reports and recordkeeping, dashboards and ERPs

Implement QHSES KPls and SLAs; including benchmarking and continual improvement programmes and plans;

Maintain liaison with and support to Supply Chain in
H&Q aspects of procurement process;

Support and maintain sustainability/CSR programmes (stakeholders mapping, community engagement, carbon footprint reduction programmes etc);

Support in business continuity plan where and as

Research & development within scope of work where and as applicable;

Stop work in case of unsafe act/condition, allow work to resume only after adequate rectifications;


Report deviations and non-compliances to QHSES
manager and advise on the course of actions to be taken;

Escalate to QHSES manager and HOD QHSES if the deviations and non-compliances are not resolved in timely manner,

Obtain the approval of QHSES Manager and/or HOD
QHSES before any changes, modifications or exceptions to the QHSES-MS;

Enforcing Legal & regulatory compliance, and advising QHSES manager and HOD QHSES on major non-compliance;

Demonstrate continual improvements via visible
measures and performance monitoring tools (e.g.
Strategic QHSES KPls etc);

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