Vacancy for production Department in Dairy Industry

Position : Production Manager

Job Location : Nashik

Education : Food Technologist/Dairy Technologist

Experience: 6 to 10 Years in a Dairy Company
Candidates from anywhere in india can apply who are willing to relocate to Nashik and looking for a long term opportunity.

Job Profile :
Planning, Organizing And Overseeing For Production

1.Resource Planning: raw material, machine and

2.Shift assignment for Staff, managing contract labour
and production scheduling.

3.Ensuring expected yield and quality is produced.

4.Plan for downtime, routine and preventive maintenance

5.Determine and implement improvements to the
production process

1.Ensure required preventive maintenance plan and
schedule is in place and oversee implementation of the preventive maintenance plan

2.Resolve issues pertaining to machine efficiency

3.Ensure required stock of spares is in place for preventive and breakdown maintenance

4.Responsible for the maintenance of equipment.
Best Practices for Quality and Safety:

1.Determining the quality standards. Implement & enforce quality control and tracking programs to meet qualityobjectives.

2.Ensuring quality parameters are within specifications while production to avoid non conformity.

3.Checking quality of raw milk during unloading, sampling and providing clearance for quality report unloading.

4.Ensuring production process is on time and of good quality. Analyze production and quality control to detect and correct problems

5.Ensuring conduction of a well designed CIP for proper cleaning& disinfecting

6.Implementation of hygiene practices and other processes as per the food safety norms.

7.Ensure safety practices like use of protective clothing& equipment and other related SOPs practices are followed.

8.ISO implementation- Ensuring that all the documented practices are followed Coordination& communication with Management

Prepare and communicate, daily reports on production
quality reports,
cost saving methods,
new requisitions,
production plan for next 15 days,
process improvement plans etc.

Team Handling:


a.Conduct daily and monthly meeting to ensure issues are
address and suggestions are received and implemented if
required from all levels.

b.Establish and communicate performance standards

c.Motivate employees with timely feedback, to reduce the rate of attrition Performance

d.Verification of allocated jobs for completion.

e.Organize necessary interventions for improvement.
Assess strengths and areas for development for his team
and plan training interventions for the year.

Innovation & Developmental Activities Including Self
Active participation in the expansion plan of the company Work on developmental projects for process improvements.

Research and Design cost saving and quality improvement products, techniques and processes

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