New Opportunity at Abbott | Quality Assurance Executive

New Opportunity at Abbott | Quality Assurance Executive

Position: Quality Assurance Executive

Company: Abbott

Location: Jhagadia, Gujarat, India

Job Description:

Primary Function/Primary Goals/Objectives:

In this role, you will be responsible for conducting sampling and analysis of in-process and finished products as per the sample plan. You will perform tests according to AN methods and BIS standards and report the results. The Jhagadia site encompasses wet processing, evaporator, drier, and dry blending sections, and your role will involve providing analytical analysis and support to all manufacturing sections during shifts.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Collect water, in-process samples, and finished product samples as per the sampling plan and conduct instrumentation analysis as required.
  • Prepare volumetric solutions, reagents, mobile phases, etc., following the specified methods.
  • Perform analyses using HPLC, ICPMS, LCMS, and other instruments and report results within set timelines.
  • Review audit trails of critical instruments.
  • Maintain control charts and trend control and finished product samples.
  • Execute method transfer and method validation in the analytical lab.
  • Maintain standard and chemical inventory as per lab requirements.
  • Handle the disposal of chemical waste generated in the analytical lab.
  • Conduct routine calibration and verification for pH, balance, and other instruments.
  • Compositing of finished products as per the prescribed method and in adherence to GLP.
  • Strictly follow GDP to prevent errors during documentation.
  • Maintain 6S standards in the analytical lab.
  • Preserve raw data for all test parameters and records related to finished products, in-process, and ad hoc testing.
  • Follow good hygiene and laboratory practices in the lab and monitor routine cleaning practices.
  • Report any deviations like OOS (Out of Specification) or OAL (Out of Acceptance Limits) to Lab FLL or Lab Manager immediately.
  • Adhere to record-keeping policies in line with retention and archival procedures.
  • Complete the ComplianceWire tra ining as per the schedule.
  • Periodically review analytical methods.
  • Manage media and consumables tracking and inventory.
  • Review laboratory records.
  • Handle internal audits effectively.
  • Attend Tier 1 meetings on a daily basis.
  • Contribute to idea generation and its implementation.

Key Skills and Qualities:

Adaptability, Innovation, Initiative, Teamwork, Integrity

  • Strong interpersonal skills to maintain healthy relationships with colleagues in various functions at the site.
  • Effective communication skills to understand and provide necessary feedback and solutions within the QA team and for internal customers.
  • Ensure strict compliance with all EHS rules and procedures.
  • Ensure the consistent use of necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the laboratory and factory.


  • Post Graduate in Chemistry with a minimum of 4 years of experience in the food and chemical industries.


  • Knowledge of analytical procedures and equipment operation methods, as well as Food Safety Management Systems.
  • Familiarity with QA checks related to raw materials, in-process, and finished product checks.
  • Understanding of safety aspects in the analytical lab and GLP requirements.


The job holder is responsible for following good laboratory practices and good documentation practices. You will be accountable for the analytical function within Abbott Nutrition Supply Chain in Jhagadia.

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