Job Opportunity for Senior Food Technologist at Eldersons Brews LLP

Job Opportunity for Senior Food Technologist at Eldersons Brews LLP

Position : Senior Food Technologist

Company: Eldersons Brews LLP

🌍 Location: Bardez, Goa, India

🔍 About the Position:
Eldersons Brews LLP is seeking a seasoned Senior Food Technologist for an exciting role in Ginger Ale Alchemy! If you have over 10 years of experience, a degree in Food Science, Food Technology, or a related field, and a passion for crafting exceptional beverages, we want you on our team.

👩‍🔬 Role: Advisor/Consultant
Guide our team in ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, maintaining top-tier quality in product development.

🌟 Responsibilities:

  • Quality Assurance: Lead the team in upholding regulatory standards for high-quality product development.
  • Flavor Stabilization: Implement techniques to enhance flavor stability, addressing local market challenges.
  • Shelf Life Extension: Devise strategies to extend product shelf life, surpassing industry benchmarks.
  • Cost Optimization: Collaborate with founders to create cost-effective formulations without compromising on taste or quality, considering startup budget constraints.

🎯 Requirements:

  • Proven expertise in beverage formulation.
  • In-depth knowledge of flavor stabilization techniques.
  • Familiarity with regulatory standards and quality control.

💰 Salary: No bar for the right candidate.

📧 To Apply:
If you’re passionate about the alchemy of Ginger Ale and meet our requirements, please email your resume to by 20th Dec, 2023. Join us in crafting delightful experiences through innovation!

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