Job Opening for Food Technologist | Granny’s Spices

Job Opening for Food Technologist | Granny’s Spices

Position: Senior Food Technologist – Seasonings NPD

Company: Granny’s Spices (India) LLP

Location: Rajkot Taluka, Gujarat, India

Job Description:
Granny’s Spices (India) LLP is in search of an adept Senior Food Technologist with hands-on experience in seasoning development to join our dynamic team. The role involves spearheading the creation of innovative seasonings for snacks, convenience foods, and beverages. From seasoning development to vendor partnership, scale-up, and specification creation, this position is integral to our product portfolio.


  • New Product Development: Lead the formulation of new seasoning products in snacks, convenience foods, and beverages. Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to ensure timely execution aligned with NPD launch timelines.
  • Product Research & Evaluation: Conduct sensory evaluations, market research, and consumer surveys to identify opportunities for new seasoning concepts and enhancements. Provide constructive feedback on product/flavor attributes.
  • Process Improvement: Evaluate seasoning production processes for efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and quality. Identify optimization opportunities in ingredient sourcing, production techniques, and packaging. Collaborate with Operations to develop manufacturing SOPs.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensure compliance with regulatory standards and internal quality control procedures. Conduct thorough sensory evaluations, laboratory tests, and shelf-life studies to guarantee safety and quality.
  • Documentation and Reporting: Maintain accurate records of formulation recipes, ingredient specifications, and testing results. Prepare comprehensive reports and presentations on product development, quality assurance, and project progress for management review.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in food technology, food science, or relevant science subjects.
  • Proven experience as a Food Technologist with a focus on seasoning development.
  • In-depth knowledge of seasoning formulation, flavor profiling, and ingredient functionality.
  • Strong understanding of food processing techniques, food safety, and quality assurance principles.
  • Familiarity with relevant industry regulations and guidelines, with a preference for subjects such as nutrition, microbiology, and applied chemistry/biochemistry.

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