Dairy Job -KasheeMilk

Dairy Job -KasheeMilk

Dairy Job -KasheeMilk

We Are Expanding Our Team!

As we expand our operational area, we need more team members! We are immediately hiring for various positions in Varanasi and Bhadohi.

Available Positions and Responsibilities:

  1. Area Managers – Milk Procurement
  • Oversee milk procurement operations.
  • Build and maintain relationships with dairy farmers.
  • Ensure quality and quantity of milk supply.
  1. Facilitators – Milk Procurement
  • Assist in the procurement process.
  • Coordinate with farmers and collection centers.
  • Maintain accurate records of milk procurement.
  1. Chemists
  • Conduct quality testing of milk and dairy products.
  • Ensure compliance with safety and quality standards.
  • Maintain laboratory equipment and documentation.
  1. Veterinary Executives
  • Provide veterinary care and support to dairy animals.
  • Conduct regular health check-ups and vaccinations.
  • Advise farmers on animal health and nutrition.
  1. Veterinary Assistants (Diploma holders)
  • Assist veterinary executives in animal care.
  • Administer medications and treatments.
  • Maintain health records of livestock.
  1. Store Assistants/Executive
  • Manage inventory and supplies in the store.
  • Ensure timely procurement and distribution of materials.
  • Maintain records and handle store operations.
  1. Purchase (Executives/Asst. Manager)
  • Oversee purchasing activities for the organization.
  • Negotiate with suppliers and vendors.
  • Ensure timely procurement of quality materials.

How to Apply:

Share your CVs with madhulika.singh@kasheemilk.com

mentioning the name of the vacancy in the subject line.

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